Mike Childs

For South Carolina House of Representatives
District 68

It’s time to put Your interests above “Special Interests”. Let’s put public representation back into the SC House of Representatives. Vote for Mike, SC House 68, on November 3rd.

The Representation You Deserve

Together we can end government by and for special interests and restore a government that works for us.

Representation For Everyone

Special interests have controlled the state legislature for decades. They’ve enriched themselves and self serving politicians at our expense for too long.

Are you ready to fire the tax and spend, liberal, career politicians?

Are you ready to put someone in the State house who will represent your needs and those of the people in our district and our county?


Actionable Issues

There are many important and critical issues facing our district and our county.

Funding the marketing and advertising budget for the Tourism Trade Associations is not one of them.

Nor is wasting more tax payer millions on the I73 Boondoggle.

It’s time to take a hard stand against government waste and corruption.

It’s time to demand accountability and transparency from our government.



It’s time to stop talking about flood mitigation and relief for flood victims. It’s time to get things done.

Fiscal Responsibility & Accountability

Our state and local governments waste millions of our tax dollars every year on pet projects, political favor, and special interests. Meanwhile, those truly in need continue to struggle. The status-quo career politicians lie to us about the benefits and the true costs of their irresponsible spending

Funding For Local Projects

Horry County continues to be a “donor” county, the State’s piggy bank. We send far more tax dollars to Columbia than we we get back. State politicians spend our money on projects and economic expansion in Columbia, Greenville-Spartanburg and Charleston, leaving us to fund our own infrastructure, public safety, and diversify our local economy.

Open and Transparent Government

As taxpayers we have the right to know where every tax dollar goes. We have the right to know who benefits and prospers from government spending. Every government department, every non-profit, every special interest and every individual who receives tax payer funding must be 100% transparent and 100% accountable for our money.

Term Limits

We need to end the control of our government by career politicians whose only goal is to stay in office. If they want a career in government they can get a government job. I support 12 year term limits for all federal, state, and local elected representatives. Term limits will go a long way towards ending the corruption, malfeasance, and indifference to the needs of the people in public office.

Legislative Ethics Refom

We all know right from wrong, moral from immoral, ethical from unethical. However our state legislatures operate under the legal premise of “If it’s not explicitly illegal, then it’s OK”

I’ve heard many people say when it comes to upholding ethical behavior among South Carolina legislatures it’s a case of “The foxes guarding the hen house”.  I believe it’s more a case of the wolves watching over the entire barnyard while they pimp out the chickens, sell the eggs and bring the bacon home to themselves and their wealthy supporters..

Contribute to a Cause

There are many people in our district and our county that are still adversely impacted by government policies that forced an economic shutdown earlier this year. Please consider donating to a local food bank or charity before donating to any political campaign.

However, I still need your help to defeat the special interests lobby and the established party politicians who only want to maintain their control and power over our government and your livelihood.

  • Your help will make Horry County a better place to live and work
  • Your help will make our district a safer place for you and your family
  • Your help will make our government responsive and accountable to you

Even the smallest donation helps.

  • $12 will buy a hundred postcards
  • $12.50 will buy a yard sign
  • $25 will buy a yard sign for you and a neighbor
  • $30 pays for a targeted social media ad to run every day for a month
  • $35 will mail a hundred postcards

You don’t have to give a lot to help a lot.

We won’t squander your donations on Trips to Egypt, gifts for associates, or give “cushy” jobs to our friends. We’ll make every dollar count and we will publicly account for every dollar donated.

If funds are left at the end of the campaign, donors will be given a choice to receive a partial refund or make a donation to a local charity,


About Mike Childs

Hello, I’m Mike Childs and I’d like to be your representative for District 68 in the South Carolina State House.

I’ve lived in Horry county for over 50 years, 35 years in Socastee, where my wife and I raised our two daughters. I wasn’t born here but many in my family were. My ties and roots to the county and to South Carolina go back several generations. My ancestors have lived and worked here for over 200 years.

I’ve seen many changes resulting from rapid growth and development. I’ve watched secluded, natural places where I once hunted and fished as a young man disappear. I watched family farms, where I had my first jobs in the tobacco fields, replaced by acres and acres of houses, golf courses, and condos.

I’ve witnessed an economy once dominated by agriculture and local manufacturing become dominated by tourism. I’ve witnessed our state and local government become dominated and controlled by powerful, well funded tourism trade associations.

I worked in local manufacturing for 30 years and watched thousands of local residents lose their jobs to corporate globalization, downsizing and foreign competition, all aided by government policy. I’ve struggled along with former colleagues to find an alternate livelihood in our single sector tourism economy.

Change continues as more and more people retire and relocate to our area. The majority of the people who live here now are a diverse cross section of America. It’s no longer just the good ole boys and girls.

Traveling with my family as a military dependent and traveling to overseas locations with my corporate job, and working with top engineers and scientists from around the world has given me a broad perspective on issues and an appreciation for cultural differences.

I feel my unique background and perspectives on issues is more in line with the needs of all of our local residents whether you are new arrivals or native born.

As an engineering specialist in the manufacturing industry I worked continuously and in cooperation with others on problems both simple and complex until they were solved. I learned to ask lots of probing questions and dig into the answers, to evaluate data and facts, not opinions. I’ll bring those same trouble shooting, problem resolution and team building skills to the Sate House.

Despite local changes in population, cultural and ethnic diversity, One thing has remained constant. Poor representation of the people in our government. It’s time to change that. It’s time for government to stop working for well funded special interests and start working for us, the people. It’s time for our government to be transparent and accountable. I want to be a part of making that happen.

I’m asking for your vote on November 3rd.  Mike Childs For SC House District 68.

Thank you.

Get Involved

“Government by the people for the people” doesn’t happen by chance. If you want a responsive government that serves the best interests of you and your family, a government that’s accountable to you and a government that works for you, you must get involved.

Polls show that the majority of voters really want:

  • Term Limits – Public servants, not career politicians who worship the god of re-election
  • Elected officials who place the common good and problem-solving above party loyalty and partisanship
  • Ethical behavior, transparency and accountability
  • A focus on solving our economic and competitiveness issues without the distractions of “single issue,” divisive, special interests politics

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