This is Transparency

As an Alliance Party candidate for the office of SC State Representative I have pledged to be transparent, accountable and responsible.

Transparency in good government requires action, not words. To that end I have published the last 3 years of my tax returns for public disclosure. In addition,  I will make available any subsequent schedules (if filed) for the same time frame available upon request.

Where are the other candidate’s returns? Alliance Party candidates are the Only ones that walk the transparency walk.

Please get in touch with me If you have questions or need additional information.

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There are many people in our district and our county that are still adversely impacted by government policies that forced an economic shutdown earlier this year. Please consider donating to a local food bank or charity before donating to any political campaign.

However, I still need your help to defeat the special interests lobby and the established party politicians who only want to maintain their control and power over our government and your livelihood.

Make Checks Payable to …

Mike Childs For SC House 68

Mail to …

Mike Childs For SC House 68
5587 Green Bay Circle
Myrtle Beach SC 29588

You don’t have to give a lot to help a lot.

  • Your help will make Horry County a better place to live and work
  • Your help will make our district a safer place for you and your family
  • Your help will make our government responsive and accountable to you

Even the smallest donation helps.

  • $5 will mail 15 postcards
  • $12 will buy a hundred postcards
  • $12.50 will buy a yard sign
  • $25 will buy a yard sign for you and a neighbor
  • $30 pays for a targeted social media ad to run every day for a month
  • $50 will mail a hundred and forty postcards

We won’t squander your donations on Trips to Egypt, gifts for associates, or give “cushy” jobs to our friends. We’ll make every dollar count and we will publicly account for every dollar donated.

If funds are left at the end of the campaign, donors will be given a choice to receive a partial refund or make a donation to a local charity,


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